Employee Retention Survey

So this morning I have an email from HR waiting for me in my inbox. They sent a survey out to the entire company about their 'recognition' program, and wanted our feedback.

It was confidential & anonymous on a external site and boy did I speak my mind

I wrote about how having to nominate other employees felt more like a popularity contest. And how maybe a better way to boost morale & employee retention would to be end the salary freeze that had been forced onto us for the past several years and offer us back pay. (Its not my company that is doing bad, we're actually making money - its our parent company....)

I also commented how the cost of living has increased and I can barely afford to get myself to work, on top of rent & bills, but yet we have had no salary increase to reflect this change. And how annoying it is to listen to VP's & the president give speeches talking about family vacations overseas or the new boat they're purchasing....

and on top of all this they want us to work harder and take on more work making entry level pay.....it honestly feels like slave labour some days...

god i need a new job.
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2012

Do u work for the same company I work for? Everything you said is right on point. Cost of living is increasing big time with gas and food going up, health insurance premiums going up, 2 percent pay roll tax increase and just wait until next year when obamacare kicks in. This is just the start of the recession.

News Flash: You are a debt slave. So are all of us under the current system where the money loses value ( spending power ) more quickly than our pay increases. Learn the truth about banking and money by viewing the documentary The Money Masters and learn how the few dominate the many and will forever...unless the many wake up! Also, learn the difference between a job and a life's work. We are told that we need a job when a job is what slaves do. The education system's stated purpose is to "Create Servants for Industry". Why do they call it graduation when you complete college studies? This is a combination of two words: gradual indoctrination. Upon completion of college you have demonstrated that you've been gradually indoctrinated to accept your role as a servant in the system. Don't quit you're job. Learn the system so we can change it and also investigate yourself and life to discover your life's work. You will have many jobs in your life but usually only one true life's work. Keep searching with a true spirit and don't let anyone discourage you. Even if you go down a few wrong paths as Blake (the poet) said: "If a fool persists in his folly, he will become wise".