I Get Singled Out At My Job And It's Absolute Torture.

I've been waitressing on and off since I was seventeen. I have two college degrees and for various reasons, I'm back waitressing at the moment.

I really hate this job. I've been stuck at it for a bit over a year.

My manager just does not like me. I don't know why. There really isn't a reason. Nothing dynamic or crazy ever happened because of or involving me at this job. I just go to work, do my job and the tension is palpable. He ignores me and acts irritated when I'm around. He gives me the worst section in the restaurant and promotes new workers to better sections. When he's having a bad day, he takes it out on me. He goes into my checks and reads them, picks up my bills if they're paid while I'm at another table and looks at my tips. Asks me what I was talking about with a customer, if he sees a customer stand up and pay their bill quickly on the way out, he asks what was going on with my money.

One day, I had a problem customer. He asked to speak to my manager when my pleasantries and understanding and trying to work with him didn't diffuse his anger over having to wait for food. He ended up pushing my manager and my manager blamed me saying that I got the man mad...

On Friday, I had a table that was trying to get a free meal. They complained about everything and I handled it with a smile. They finally asked to speak to my manager because they didn't like their steak sauce. I brought him over and the table lied and said that I cursed, threw something at them and yelled. My manger spoke to me three times about this even though I kept telling him I didn't do it and would never do it.

I suffer from anxiety and PTSD and when I deal with customers, I am super polite and courteous. I am not an aggressive person and many customers fill out comment cards saying that I am pleasant, attentive, sweet, etc. But this is all ignored. It is a very long stretch for someone to accuse me of throwing things, agitating people to the point of violence, etc. It is pretty much the furthest from what anyone other than my manager would suspect me of.

The ultimate problem occurred a few days ago. After I closed out a check, a man from one of my tables came back to my job and complained about the bill saying I gave him the wrong bill. In reality, this never happened and he kept slightly changing what he was saying and acting very angry. He ended up confusing people to the point that he was able to get his money back, not pay the bill and give us fifteen dollars under the guise that he was tipping me(it was a complicated thing he pulled. He basically just created mass confusion and got almost all of the money he paid for a very expensive meal back). My boss said that it was entirely my fault that this happened and made me pay for the whole meal out of my tips. Which, is illegal, but I'm not filing a complaint because I need my job.

I confronted him about the situation after my next shift and he told me not to blame him(though he was standing right there with me and two other girls trying to solve the problem) and not to blame the customer or anyone else because what happened was 110% my fault. And I should know better than to press this issue with him, that I had already gone too far and he's surprised I can't see how out of line I was being by even bringing this up to him. He told me to admit complete guilt because we both know it was all my fault and I wouldn't.

I have to return to work tomorrow. I've been trying to find something new ASAP. No luck so far. I don't know how much longer I can go on at this job.
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The obvious answer is to leave. This man is clearly either madly in love with you or for some reason just inexplicably dislikes you. I had the same problem myself. I'm a courteous, professional and patient person who gives far too much of myself to others when in the working environment but my boss at the time didn't like me (I've later realised that this was likely down to our rival football teams! - can you believe someone would be pathetic?!)

Make searching for a new job your next priority. If you have two degrees then don't forsake them - use them and apply for jobs in the field that you studied. This is easy to say and harder to do, but it's clear you're not happy and life's too short for that.

I hate my job with a passion for reasons I won't go in to (very boring, nothing exciting), and as a result I'm due to start university in September. Good luck finding something else.

I'm really sorry you've got to put up with an *** of a boss because you feel stuck financially.
I really hope something else comes your way soon, jobwise. Until then, just know there is someone out there in the world who cares and feels for you.
C x