Time To Move On.

My work is frustrating.
The work place is negative.
I come to work happy and leave work angry and exhausted.
People back stab each other like it's going in style.
We lost our manager because of a forced transfer and our new manager is one of the most negative people you'll ever meet.
Our assistant manager is in the hospital and may not return to work.
They don't schedule people properly.
They don't order enough product properly.
I'm disciplined for things I don't do, and never praised for the work I do.
I go on auto pilot to avoid conflict with other employees.
Our employees fight with each other.
Our employees quit often.
My department does not make profit, which begs the question of what my job actually does for the company.
Customers are displeased with us.
Management is displeased with us.
Corporate is displeased with us.
I go to work late every day and no one says a word.
I have no opportunity for career advancement or pay advancement because I work a union job.

I need out. I need out now. It's time to move on. Because my sanity is at risk. I am in a depression, and I need out. And my work is the reason for my disappointment in life.
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2012

wow.. @ least there is one person you see @ work that doesn't disappoint you...or maybe i do ? haha so it goes... still im always (well most times:)~ glad to see you...even if you are all salty.. lmao <br />
get your own freakin tots<br />
fondly,<br />
miss stewart

I hope you can move on to a better environment to work in. That place sounds like a nuthouse.

whats that?