I Want A New Job

This has finally reached a breaking point for me, I admit I made an error in my job the other day but the reaction I was given just pushed me to the end.

In the cash office I give out loans to all of the cashes, I line up all the stacks and give them all the same amount, write it down on a paper, and then I recount them before they are put into the bags to be brought out to cash. For our self check out machines I give the money based on the report and rarely second count (only if I feel I made a mistake). The amount that is put into the computer is predetermined by the computer and the amount I put in the bags is determined by a different computer system so there is always the possibility that there is a computer error in what amount should go.

Basically, when I counted later in the day my deposit amount was $200 less than the computer said it should be. I personally went out and hand counted every cash drawer. I couldn't count the self check outs because I can't tear them apart. I went through all the documentation and physically looked under things for the money.

I told my manager that it had to be in the self check outs. She told me calmly that she'd just look through my paper work to see if she could find anything that seemed off and if not then they'd just keep an eye out for it all week.

I thought I was in the clear for it because it has happened to the 3 others (including the manager) at least once. When I got back from my break she took me over beside the cashes (in front of people) and told me that I do the office wrong (I've done it this way for over 2 years without any issues), she said that it was a very bad way and that I had to learn to do it right. I wanted to tell her that she made more mistakes that I have but had to just smile and say "fine" because there were customers and co workers looking at me.

For the rest of the day I was frustrated and couldn't concentrate because I was so upset over it. I was even scared to take my wallet out in front of anyone because I had $120 from home on me and I feared being accused of stealing.

I thought I may have been overreacting so I told the story to my mother because sometimes she'll say it wasn't that bad. She actually got mad about what she said to me, she thought it was disrespectful to say that I do such a bad job when I rarely make mistakes using this same method for years. She actually recommended first that I start looking for a new job.

I just feel so mad at my manager right now, I've taken a management course at college and I am working towards my accounting degree and the biggest thing we were told to remember if we were management that people make mistakes all of the time, it is part of being human. I wish my manager would think of stuff like that before she treats me the way she does.

I mainly think it is because I am a student because there is a strange attitude about students. My younger sister is a student supervisor and she described similar reactions to things, she often feels that it is implied that she isn't qualified to be a supervisor even though she's been doing it for 4 months now. I also witnessed my manager answering a phone for someone calling in sick for the second day in a row, I only heard, "I know, your hungover." and just hung up. I later found out it was one of our best student worker who's been there for a year and a half, everyone know she has the flu and didn't deserve to be told she was hungover and hung up on without a chance to speak.

I know there is a good handful of students that are contemplating quitting and some are even actively sending resumes out to other stores in hopes of more respect.
Jupiterfalling Jupiterfalling
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012