Nasty Co-workers, No Support From Above

I really hate my job. Towards the end of last year I became ill with something called labyrithitis, which was horrid. Unfortuantely, no-one in my workplace believed me and my immediate line manager resented me taking off time. I took off 5 days in total - 2 of which the doctor ordered. Since then, I have had to put up with her ganging up on me with 2 others members of staff to make my life a misery. They are so childish, they even whisper about me behind their hands when I am around. I should add that I work as a teacher in a school. My job is stressful enough as it is, without the unecessary rubbish I am receiving from my colleagues, two of which are my superiors. I went to see my head-teacher today after sending him 2 pages worth of bullying incidents and he dismissed it. I'm feeling pretty rotten now. I've just downed a bottle of wine and half a box of chocolates. I am getting married next year but I am too miserable to diet. I hate going in to work every day. Aside from my nasty line manager who slags me off to anyone who will listen, there is this dreadful woman - the deputy head - who hates me so much that she once rang up my next of kin telling them I was very ill and needed a doctor...without my permission and when I had only asked to go home half day because I was feeling very dizzy. I have tried complaining about her actions, but no-one at work will listen. Then there is another woman in my department who has told me to my face that she plans to stab me in the back this year because she feels our jobs are threatened and that it's me or her!!
To top off everything, there was this other woman at work today who was just the rudest to me and I had to stop and wonder what I had done in life to deserve all of this.
I've tried talking to other people at work but no-one will listen. They don't want to get involved and they probably think the problem lies with me for approaching them to moan about other members of staff.
I can't sleep.
I can't get on with my life.
I'm really sad.
Christina2001 Christina2001
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Don't worry rise above it all. There the ones who need help. Just focus on you and if it gets too much try and look for somewhere else to work. It may seem like you are running away, but sometimes that's the only thing to keep going. I know what's its like it will hopefully get better soon. Take care