When Stupid Meets Evil...

I work in a doctor's office. There have been a lot of problems with a female employee who works there. Everyone has come forward to the doctor with their stories about how this evil girl has affected them. What does the doctor do? He tells us that we are all liars and he doesn't believe anything anyone says, despite several people having proof of some of the things she has done (among which includes tampering with personal belongings and food).

How can bosses be this stupid? All of my male friends tell me that the doctor and she are somehow involved sexually. Why else would a man let one girl cause so much discord in the office? She's just front desk, so it's not like she's not replaceable.

The place was once a domain I liked. I make decent money and I am good at what I do. But some people can make my day miserable and when I see how tense it is in the office, it stresses me out. Everyone's either mad at the doctor, at the girl, or both and that's all anyone talks about. It's frustrating and uncomfortable. Me being a non-dramatic person, I feel very annoyed and stressed by all of this stuff.
CamLonic CamLonic
22-25, F
Nov 25, 2012