Stuck In Corporate

That this is the worst environment I have ever worked in is an understatement. My work history includes Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance and Healthcare. This organization is only about the profit. Sickening how they treat their employees. The high turnover rate speaks for itself. I am often asked if we are hiring. I always honestly reply yes we are always hiring. People are always getting fired or quitting. The environment stinks and I encourage them to apply somewhere else. Not enough hours, low wages no benefits always being yelled at or demeaned in some manner. Oh yeah, they also conveniently forget about reviews and wage increases even if that person is deserving of them.

Like most people the only hope for a real change is with training or education. In a down economy it is easy to get discouraged. Let me remind anyone who may be facing the same crossroads in their lives the following.

First, the history of this country has included many economic troubled times. The Depression, the gas crises to name a couple.

Look to your community or within your state for any agencies that support growth in commerce.. For example in our state we have a skills alliance program. This is free training and job placement with enhanced supportive assistance for those who qualify. There is a cooperation between the businesses that lack skilled workers and people who hope for a sustainable income in a thriving industry. So that is the key for any generation. Find the employment trends in your chosen area and go for it. If you can get some free training so as not to burden yourself with more debt. Choose carefully because you don't get to take another free course via this program. Once during a lifetime opportunity this I do not know. A time limit before you can apply again maybe so. Ask them. I hope this inspires and helps whoever reads this.
forgiveisdevine forgiveisdevine
51-55, F
Dec 2, 2012