I Absolutely Hate My Job

I've been working as a CNA at the local hospital for only 4 weeks now. And I absolutely hate it. I don't know exactly what I hate, but I really despise it. I dread when my alarm clock goes off in the morning when I have to work there. I also work at McDonald's part time. I would honestly rather work a 16 hour shift at McDonald's than a 12 hour shift at the hospital. My mother thinks I should stay in my job for at least a year so that I'm not considered a "job hopper". But I'm not sure I can last that long. I'm completely miserable. Does anyone have any advice or encouragement for me? I could really use it.
Ginny18 Ginny18
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Yes. Working in healthcare sucks sucks sucks and it doesn't get any better. I have worked in radiology for 10 years and have held 4 diff jobs in hopes the next one is better and it never it. Always short staffed, never get a break or lunch, always stay late, work weekends and holidays and carry a pager to cover call at night where I always get called in. The patients are unappreciative jerks most of the time as they are either grouchy or crazy from ams which they can't help but after the 6 th crabby patient of the night and no breaks it can really work your nerves. It's funny how you said you would rather work McDonald's than where u r cause I always said I would rather go back to super k Mart then put up with this crap. I think you should think about what you don't like about it first. Is it the patients or the co workers or the hours or do u get breaks and a lunch? Do u work weekends or cover call or hate management? I think once you find out what you hate about it then u can figure out a way to deal with it or start looking for another job that does not have the horrible qualities that you found In this job. Just remember to ask about it during the interview. Like when I started this job I asked if the call was horrible and they said no but it is horrendous. So they lied. I wish you luck and hope you find a job you can tolerate. I know I can't wait to have that one day