Hate My Job As A Cna

I work at a long term care facility and I absolutely hate it there!!! I work the 3-11 shift and when my alarm for work comes on my stomach just twists and turns. My workplace is about a 30 minute drive from home so I have a lot of time to think and wonder what the hell I'm going to so with the rest of my life! I'm 23 years old and working in a nursing home with no benefits and no way to advance! Honestly, at my workplace, all the head people and nurses are pretty good at helping and respecting everyone so there's no problem there.

When I get to work I have to get my job assignment and get my report from my cna and the day shift nurse and then report from my nurse as well. If we're short on cnas then we'll have 17-18 residents, if not short then 13-15 residents! This is ridiculous!! Half if which is incotinent and has dementia and half of which is total care and all requires a machine..and most or all of our residents are taking a nap when you get there... So you have to pass your water, pass your linens, do your vitals, stock, shower your people, usually around 3-4 residents, toilet everyone of your residents, and get all your residents up for dinner. After dinner, all your residents want to go to sleep ALL at the same time! So your running around like a crazy women trying to put everyone to bed or else they'll try to put themself in bed and then that's a problem. The ones that want to brush their teeth then they can do it but the ones that can't, I'm sorry to say but no body ever brushes their teeth... When I work that night I will always try to brush their the ones who can't do it as much because I believe that dental hygiene is very important. SIGH!!!

I am now going back to school to became a registered dental assistant/medical biller. I believe that this will better me. I hate seeing elderly people being treated like how they do in ltc and I absolutely hate it when they pass on me..... I feel like I lost the fight Everytime even though its not my fault.... Sorry I can't so this anymore.
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

Baby this is not the job for you. It takes a certain personality to love this job and you just do not have it. There is nothing wrong with you. Most normal people would go bonkers working in a home. No harm no foul. I do see some things in your story that reflect poorly on your nursing home, changes that could make things better.
Over all I wish you well in your new career...No RuN!!!! Get out of there before you go bonkers darling. Leave the nursing home to people who are better suited to that sort of service.