I Am A Hospice Caregiver.

I despise going to work, what once made me happy and proud now just gives me the constant reminder that I will have the same fate as the people I care for. An old man listens to the military channel as loud as the television can blast as he screams about his glory days in Germany. A woman begs and cried for me to call her sister who died more than a decade ago. The smell of urine and Lysol in every room makes me want to vomit, nothing can ever mask the stench. When I arrive home I'm haunted by their cracking, coughing voices screaming out my name, asking for non existent items from their past. No matter the joyful days when they calmly watch TV and speak of happy days or days where they lose their wits and senses, I am always consumed with sadness upon their death. The feeling of a person you have looked after lad though they were a child, cold and stiff and as you wait for their body to be taken is think, could I have done anymore for them?
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I too am a care worker and I hate my job. I work with the insane elderly (can you call them that?) I was moved to that unit because my manager thought I could cope. It is a thankless and unrewarding job with poor wages. No matter what you do for them the majority do not like you and respond with scratching, swearing and kicking. They are so demented that they cannot do anything i.e. read, watch tv, listen to the radio. It is hell on earth and these poor people will deteriorate until they slip away. Some never have visitors as they cannot communicate with their families, in fact they don't even know them. The building stinks of **** but once you are there you can't smell it anymore. That's worrying. It depresses me so much. There is no way I would let my loved ones end their lives in a home, in fact all those who work there agree . I hope that I will be in a position to head to Switzerland ! What a dreadful way for these people to end their lives. I am sure if they knew how and where they would end up they would have made alternative choices.

My friend. Is trying to get he's friend out of a care home as he's got memory problem s but he's got to go to court to get him out and that take about 3 mouth s for the court to do the paper work. But when its done he be out of there and liveing with he's friend in a better place thank god what a way to treat a 82 year old social services does not care