What Is There to Like?!?!??!

My job is so easy... And I get paid very well for what I do. How can I complain you ask? Well my direct supervisor is crazy!!!! It's what you would call a hostile work environment. A few of us have taken the problem to higher ups but nothing is ever resolved. Like the last time I talked to someone about being moved to a different section. Well I was moved alright. Straight to night shift!!! My boss pitts us all against each other, lies and gives us bad reviews. I actually have a physical reaction when I go to work. My hands get sweaty, my heart speeds up and I generally just get apprehensive. And I can't quit. No option there. I am in the military. Therefore I have to follow proper channels. But when I did I suffered retribution. And it never ends. Promotion results just came out and there is talk of some rotations but I'm not holding my breath.
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I had an evil supervisor like that. She gossiped with everyone and lied. She even got upset when my coworker put in a 3 month notice to get married and all the supervisor could say was " does she know she put time in on the weekend she is suppose to work" then she would hang up our names on the walls in the hallways with patient names and medical record numbers on them because she was to stupid to know it is a HIPPA violation. She hated me and someone even heard her day she hoped I got in trouble for this or that. She wrote me up a few times for same things others did who did not get written up. Everytime I seen her or her name was mentioned my heart would race and I would be in a fowl mood. I left. However, she is a reference so I am screwed if an employer calls her about me. She may retire soon though. I hope so cause she will rip me a new one if an employer calls her for a reference.

My sentiments exactly!!!

Yay! Good riddance to bad rubbish, eh?

I just wanted to add that my evil boss was moved (fired) and is not happy. But generally things are better at my job!!

Here's to hoping things get better!