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A while back i shared my I hate my job story with you all. Well that problem came to an end today. Yesterday i turned in my letter of resignation and today my boss was still so upset about it she told me today was my last day i did not need to finish out the rest of the two weeks. Hurray!!!! I feel sorry for my co workers but i finally feel that i have a weight lifted off my shoulders. I can breath again. Of course the meds help too. Not sure if i mentioned before but due to the stress and conflict at that job i began having panic attacks and when i was unable to control them anymore i had to start on medication. Hopefully without the stress i can taper off (with my doctors permission of course).
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Baruch HaShem!<br />
Bless you. Be happy. Make the rest of your life a mission to make up for all the crud you have been through. <br />

Good for you!!<br />
<br />
I wish you the best. I just found this site today, so I haven't posted my own story yet. But I am happy for you!!

Hey<BR><BR>I know that was last year you posted but I'd love to know how you got on and what you moved on to? Congratualtions for being so brave, it's hard sometimes just to move from a position that you don't like as it may feel safer to stay especailly if money is good. <BR>I am hoping to make changes myself soon in this area but am paid very very well and don't have any qualifications so I need to plan first and get some training done or something, probably. <BR>Problem is, in what, I have no idea because I've only ever sang before working in crappy offices and now I know I want something more, something to challenge me but I just don't know what, blocked mentally and creatively! I'm doing psychometric testing soon though and I hope that helps me figure it all out. <BR>Best of luck and would love to hear how you are doing. Schulz

Oh- good- looks like you made it through the guilt and took the new job! Hurray Moonfairy!!! :)

Well done! I'm happy for you! That's a big step into happines! :)