Tapped In a Nightmare!

I am a software engineer with 10 years experience. I work in a small site for a large corporate. The entire experience seems to me like episodes of the survivors show  the company is divided  to  tribes,  casts  and cliques , if you go to anyone outside of your cast asking for something (anything) the first thing you will hear is NO!.  the only way to get anything done is by fighting or scheming you way through.   Every day when I drive back home, I dread the time I will have to go to that place again. The only way I am able to go through the week is by counting the days to the middle of the week and then counting it again to the weekend.  

I my previous jobs I was considered a very capable professional,  but in this place its not what you do its how you  talk about it.  I see people who honestly do very little but still manage to get recognition from management as the employee of the week.  The written company values states that  respect and tolerance is one of the major values for all employees,  but in fact the company management empowers  the most aggressive and rude employees.

,  in the last two years I have hardly had and chances to do some hardcode programming  all I do are meaniless meetings, documents authoring and review and customers complaints investigation.   It is the worse job I had in my life,  and the horror of it is that I am Trapped,  in this economy I simply cannot gamble with my family's  future ,  this place gives me a steady and much above average income.  The company had its first weave of downsizing and I survived it. I do not know what will happen in a new place, or even if I will be able to find a  new job.

I know that will some many people out of a job I should be grateful,  but  swimming in the sewer every day,  is sapping my strength, I feel like I am in prison without any foreseeable time I can get out.  With 4 banks closing every weekend who know when the economy will be good enough for me to escape the horror of this place

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Man, oh man...I understand exactly what you are going through. I am in Michigan and the economy here is so bad I should be doing work as a database administrator, but I cannot get out of my computer support position! I have four degrees, but my employers would rather have me answer phones like an over-glorified secretary. I want out soooo bad I have even considered joining the military before I get too old! Just hang in there and keep looking because the right position is out there for you!