Over Used

I have worked for the company for 13 years the first six in Oklahoma they told me Tuesday to be at work on Monday 200 miles away. so I did than they cut my pay by $2.00 an hour it took me five years to make what I was back then. if you complain about a problem the head boss tells you he have to see it him self he can't take your word for it. since he been in college he thinks he knows every thing. the supervisors thinks it their job to inspect the women underwear. they only talk to the pretty women. the young girls like me but why I have no idea but they tell on me for talking to the one I like a lot OK not like but love. in fact the lies got us both in trouble to make worst we smile at each other and laugh. and the guys like her. and the woman I work with tells me what to do all day an if I complain she will lie on me. oh she's jealous too.

dino1968 dino1968
Feb 24, 2009