Everyone has been wanting me to get a job but I've been telling EVERYONE that I cant get a job because I have no way to get there. Now since I got a job and when I have to go to work and ask someone to drive me to work everyone acts like it's a big deal. I have to go down the list of everyone to see who can take me to work. Everyday I have to worry about if I have a ride home from work. It was the dumbest thing ever to get a job.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Why not just use the bus? that way you don't always have to worry about getting a ride

You don't drive ?

Obviously not.

Ok don't need to be rude. Why don't you drive ?

I don't have money for a car.

You can't borrow someone's car ?

No because then they wont have a car lol

That sucks. How far do you live from work?

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