I'm incredibly deflated about my job and it's impacting my self confidence. Though I have previously held positions that were very challenging and I had many responsibilities, I am now in a job that doesn't challenge me at all. To make matters worse it's very different culture (head office in a non english speaking country) and I'm being isolated as I'm a white female. I don't speak their language and though my team can all speak fluent english, they do not speak english in front of me. My office is in Australia. I can tell many discussions that are being held in front of me are directly related to my job. The discussion is later translated to me in brief. I don't feel apart of a team and there can be days that go by where I'm not spoken to. To make matters worse, as I'm so disillusioned with this role I'm actually not doing a very good job. I'm quite depressed. I'm normally a very capable person who has always excelled in positions I've had previously but I've lost confidence.
Feeling so blue.
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ohh that can frustrate.

Non English speaking country?

We all work in Sydney and everyone is fluent in English