I cried at work yesterday because I got into a fight with my coworker who is also a friend. She did not understand why I was hurt over a situation. I had already been feeling isolated and depressed because I am separated from the rest of my coworkers, but now it is worse. My friend no longer wants to be friends and I have to work with her. I feel like I am more angry now because as a friend, she didn't take the time to listen to me. She just wrote me off. I don't want to go back to work on Monday or ever again really. My job is taking all the joy from my life and not one person cares. I'm just supposed to put on a happy face and keep taking orders from ungrateful people. Just keep on going. I keep getting asked why I just don't get another job. Well, I make just enough money to get by at my current job. I have good benefits. All the other jobs I look at or consider applying for make a non-loving wage and do not have benefits. I just can't feed my family on those types of low paying jobs. So I stay and suffer and wish I would just get hot by a car every single day. Just so I wouldn't have to go to work again.
waywardmuffin waywardmuffin
41-45, F
Aug 22, 2014