I hate my job. Yesterday my boss told me that I wouldn't be working again until next Thursday, I told my co-worker this when she came in for the afternoon. I'm not trained to do cash out yet as I'm the one that comes in and opens in the morning and then I'm there for the full 12hrs so the boss said that my coworker would cash out and I could do the cleaning checklist. So I swept, mopped, dusted, wiped down all the coolers, wiped down the coffee maker/station, turned off the slushie machines, checked all the locks, wiped down the kitchen and completely cleaned the bathroom by myself so she could cash out and clean out the ice cream machine. My shift ends at 8pm, at 830 she was still cashing out and I just finished mopping, I was on my way outside (you have to go outside to get to the bathroom) and as I got to the door she looked up from the till and said "hey, you can go if you want and I'll lock up behind you". So I thought she was finished and just stuffing the paperwork into the end of day envelope. Today at 10am I got a call from the boss to completely ***** me out because it's "not fair that she has to do everything by herself" and to tell me that she told them that I was outside talking to my dad the whole time and decided to take off at 830 and how she was stuck there until 9 by herself. So now on top of being bitched out for that, instead of having a week off like I was told I would she is now insisting that I come in Sunday night and Monday night to train on shutting down and cleaning out the ice cream machine as well as cashing out the kitchen so "poor chels doesn't have to do everything her self". I am so pissed off right now I feel like I'm fuming. Like she lied through her teeth for absolutely no reason. I've been told there's someone looking for someone to do there computer related things for them, if everything goes as planned I'm hoping to get it and quit this job so fast it would make her lying head spin.
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Uh, what a ****. You should tell your boss to stop believing everything he hears.. Did you say anything to him/her? Should of told him to check the Cameras.

Did you get a new job?