Call Center Jobs Suck!

I hate my call center job!  I live in a tiny, rural town and it's the only job available!  I have been at it for 2yrs now.  This is burn and jade me from all call center jobs in the future...I will NEVER work in a call center again!

The owner of the company is a cheap butt and we don't  get holiday pay (they are open 365 days a year) or paid time off.  We get unpaid personal days which takes a year to acquire 5 days.  We get a 30 min lunch break and 2 ten minute breaks, not 15 min!  If I go over a minute on breaks or lunches they take away 20 min off of my pay check!  It stresses me out, thank goodness I am punctual but there are some days when Taco Bell takes forever and I am a minute late..drama..1 minute late!

The break room is joke and it's messy w/crumbs everywhere and it stinks half the time..I can't eat in there because there's no windows in there or the entire building itself and I lose my appetite just looking at the mess.  THEN the 2nd shifters sit at my desk and spill things and leave crumbs! Ahhh.

I have two little ones and my hubby works crazy hours so I always have to have the M-F 8-5 thing going.  There's a limited amount of jobs here and then w/my limited availibility it makes it's harder.  I really can't work 2nd shift somewhere else because I really don't want to wake my 2yr old up and my 6mo old up at 11pm or later and take them home from the sitters.

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This is not so good to hear. I have seen people who enjoy work at call center. Be night or day. It depends totally on the facilities that call center company provides. We use good Customer Relationship Manager softwares. It gives really good service thus not resulting in a clash between employess and employer. If there is any problem, it is sorted out there and then itself. <br />
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I worked retail for a while and left for a better paying call center job the pay wasn't worth the depression I had aquired so I pissed off my mean four foot boss and went back to my other job despite what my family said about going back to a low end job...I have no regreys about leaving...but really I counldnt possibly agree with u more good luck

I worked at one in a big midwest electric utility. They own you. The customers hate the company so they take it out on me. Well, tuff *******, there isn't anything you can do about it. You choose to live in a small city and want to be a super mom. The present political and economical state of the country **** holes that one for you. Get used to the burning hate and desire to tell everyone you talk to at work to **** off. That is just the way it is. Move to a big city and get a job at WalMart or Subway. They pay is **** but it will give you a fresh setting in which to hate your new job in. Suck it up Toots.

at least you work from 8 to 5 i have to work my *** off for 10 hours get a piece of **** pay and the customer's are a bunch of ************* and plus they are extremely stupid i hate that job sucks!

Oh my gosh! I work at a call center too. I want to quit asap!!! The people I work with are so childish & filled with drama. I can't take it anymore. You are not alone! *Sigh*