Megalomaniacal Psychopath Coworker

My work, in a nutshell, sucks.  Pretty much everything about it.  The first problem is that I work for an insurance company.  If you're not already stuck up to the knees in the vicious quicksand that is the insurance industry, run the other way.  Insurance is the most boring industry out there.  I would rather count grains of sand for a living.  Not that I expected it to be exciting, but at least it's lucrative.  The fact that the money doesn't make up for the complete and utter suckiness just makes it worse. 

I thought it was a good move to work for this company, which has been a fixture in my city since the 1800s.  The building is pretty sexy inside - but looks like an Industrial-Era factory from the interstate.

Today's Issue:

Anyway, I digress. We pull some pretty smart folks to work here.  We recently hired an absolutely crazy man who apparently recently received his MBA from Harvard Business.  OK, I'll play along, that's pretty damn impressive. However, he operates in a damn bubble. 

I discovered (of course at 5 p.m.) today that he has single-handedly destroyed one of my databases by mucking around in the backend.  He mentioned this in a meeting a couple weeks ago, and I clearly told him to discontinue this practice.  He didn't listen.  So I had to stay over two hours fixing this absolute mess.  And tomorrow, some heads are going to roll, Harvard or not.

Then there are the "work cheerleaders".  Without exception, morale is poor.  Since this is widely recognized, our leaders will try this milk and cookies team building stuff.  I'd rather light matches under my toenails.  It is so poorly run and ridiculous that they might as well not do it at all. 

My final gripe for tonight (but not, alas, for life) is those fantastically verbose coworkers of mine who use so much f-ing corporate jargon that no one can understand them.  It's actually really funny.  At least I never make mistakes anymore! Instead, Im just creating "opportunities" for myself to improve!  I need a corporate Rosetta Stone! 

PS  in a meeting today, my Vice President said (and I quote) "for all intense purposes, we are sunsetting the ICP3000 program"  Really?  for all INTENSE PURPOSES?  And I was under the impression that it was for all intents and purposes.  I'm learning so much everyday! Yay me!

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

That is funny, the all "intense purposes" at first, I thought you were saying this phrase, I was becoming embarassed for you, then I read the rest, hahaha. I love it when people say things and they have not a clue what the phrase is, or try to pronounce a word, etc. or they get all intelligent and use crazy grammer or whatever, this amuses me.

And that's why (s)he's the VP.