My Job Stresses Me Out

i am in the worst situation , i am totally stressed out about the fact i am filing bankruptcy and on top of it my job stresses me out really bad.  i have to have this job because it has health insurance and my friend got the job for me that works there.  everyone there is really nice and has helped me get trained and i feel like i would be screwing everyone over. i feel they would be so shocked if i quit because i always say i like the job and try to keep a positive happy attitude. everyone think everything is fine. the truth is that i started grinding my teeth at night and i am so stressed out i cry all weekend and count down the minutes till monday. i have been having panic attacks too. deep down i am shy and a timid person.being in an office setting always in the spotlight makes me so stressed, i thought it would help me to be more outgoing and its too much. i also feel so terrible because i am losing everything i have. i work in a very busy  clinic where you have to be on top of things and there is responsibility and constant contact with people and technicians and doctors . working with a huge flow if people is so emotionally draining and stresses me out really bad.  on top of it i get really bad seasonal depression. i feel like when fall comes i wont be able to work in that type of environment . i dont know what to do . i thought working this type of job would give me confidence and its just making me sick. i will never be able to get a job as high paying and that offers benefits because i only got the job through my friend.  my family will be so dissapointed and people will wonder what is wrong with me because i am broke and quitting my job. i would let down all the people that were proud i got the job, i am in the worst situation.

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I feel for you,, I hate my job with a passion,, i do payroll/billing for a nationwide company , about a year ago they laid everyone in my office off except for me.. I now sit in a huge bldg all alone all day,, its so depressing. now they tell me they are going to sell out the lease and move me to a smaller office,, well, I saw it and its a lousy place in a lousy naborhood(theysave money) and Im not sure I feel safe there,, besides the fact that I handle all the probelms alone and cant take vacations etc.. I am praying for layoff, just to get out of there,, even though its a tough job market,, I think it would be a saving grace for me. I would rather be the greeter at walmart at this point, and have started looking for a job. its just a very depressing place and the suits are nasty greedy people. I know tommorrow is monday and I feel sick already at the thought of going there.

Joblessness stresses out a lot, so it could be WAY worse.<br />
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Hold on while you can.

That is so true

Your situation sounds about as bad as mine. I despise my job so much and I am expected to improve, but I'm really just terrible at the work and don't understand what I'm doing half the time. I feel like I didn't learn anything in college. I'm so bad with dealing with people and being put on the spot. I'm also terrible at explaining things to people at the office and when I try to, they think I'm just a total boob. <br />
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I really need to stay at this job for another 2 years to make my resume look normal and allow me to get a different job that at least pays the same, but I'm not sure I can last 2 years. I'm probably going to get fired within a year and I have no money saved up. <br />
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I have so much trouble sleeping at night because I know the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I'm back at the office in misery. I'm dreading my annual review next year so much. They are going to tear me apart. The job market is so bad, I may not be able to find another job and will have to beg my parents for money or move back in with them. I wish I just loved this job and was good at it.

I understand how you feel. I hate my job and I'm very depressed because of a coworker who gives everyone hell. She's evil and all she does is make problems for everyone and schemes against us. She's gotten in trouble more than once and this time we were promised that they were going to fire her and they didn't again! <br />
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I'm so pissed and depressed. When I get a day off, in the evening I start to feel sick knowing I have to go in. Also the benefits are almost non existent. I have to find new work. I would like to stay there if it weren't for her but she has caused me to have to double my medication and now all I do is sleep when not working because I'm so depressed. I hate my life. <br />
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On top of that, it may take forever to find a new job being that so many people are out of work. It seems hopeless and it's killing me.