It Sucks

I really hate my job. We don't get breaks on time. I work in fast food. People call in all the time. Expect me to cover shifts on my days off when I only have one! and when someone screws up, we all get punished for it! Its not fair. I really hate my job. I want something new... but there really aren't any jobs out there right now. I have been applying for new jobs, but no one will call me.! So what do I do? I was promised a promotion, and that never happened... We have a "break room" but no food or drink allowed in there because all our gloves and sanitized stuff is in there. We have to pay for our food, but we have no microwave so we can't even bring food from home to be able to warm it up and some food is so not good cold... like rice, that is horrible cold... So anyway, just thought I would vent a little. thanks for listening>

Gotwhatiwanted Gotwhatiwanted
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

hehe, You're working the typical fast food experience. Been there, still there. Some days it doesnt even seem worth it and that whole "Well at least your making money" You start to wonder are you truly. If I were you, Just ingore it. When you go on break...leave and go some place else. If you have a 7 11 or corner store ask if they have a microwave you can use. Get into good relationships with businesses near you, and other workers since that will give you different openings, if some place is hiring they might ask if you want a job.

Sounds like you're getting the **** end of the stick bigtime. I complain about my job but they at least offer to feed us. I can't eat the food because it makes me feel very sick, but at least the offering is there! That sucks they give you a break room and no way to eat in it. That just sounds like they're trying to railroad you into paying for your lunch in order to not go hungry. If you must stay there, I'd recommend a peanut butter sandwich and an apple or banana for lunch. It's hardy enough to not need to stay refrigerated, but can be eaten at room temperature, and is substantial enough to keep you going through your shift. Usually fast food is pretty flexible. Is there any way you could change your availability to only work 5 days a week? It's my firm belief that 2 days off from work should be a MINIMUM and that optimally, adults should only work 4 days a week (idealistic, I know, but I'm a dreamer).