Maybe Hate Is a Strong Word

I don't hate my company. I hate that I'm doing a job that I get paid rather well for but that doesn't offer me any opportunity for creativity. 

When I started at this company I was got to do lots of travel and talk to people from all over the country. 9 months into my employment and the position is eliminated and I'm shunted off into the accounting department - "just until we figure out what to do with you". I've been a very overpayed accounts payable clerk for 2 years now. I'm good at it - and I couldn't find a job doing what I really like to do for the same kind of pay so I'm stuck.

God I hate my job.

threedubgirl threedubgirl
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5 Responses Oct 7, 2006

I wish that happened to me where I could get demoted and do paperwork but keep the pay. I hate my job so much that I actually wouldn't mind being laid off just so I could get a check while looking for another job. I live in puré misery.

Start looking ASAP! Believe me, it's not worth living in misery, ever!

In many cases money is a lesser reward than other intangible aspects of one's occupation. At least you do have a passion for some kind of work and that says lots about your character.

a overpaid worker..poor poor you.<br />
<br />
jokes. :). I spend most my day on youtube listening to music and watching my tv shows.. at work. I know how it is. Im at work right now. Got my own little office, computer, heating, kitchens just there.<br />
<br />
And i HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would trade with you any time. In fact I would do anything for the most boring job where I could sit and stare at walls or a computer all day. I work with patients and I can't tell u how miserable I am and sick and tired of my job. You have no idea how good u have it.

I would take a pay cut over this crap

You think your job sucks? Check out this blog.

Money isn't everything, but I can see how taking a drastic pay cut would give you pause. Is there another company that would let you do your old job? Are you still at a job you hate?