Law Enforcement. Really?

So I don't have a college education and came to a time in my like when I thought ok what am I going to do for a living that has some long term security and something that would sute my personality so I chose law enforcement (police officer). I did my academy training and have been on the beat (so to speak) for almost a year now and  no matter which way I look at it I hate it. I don't feel like I'm helping anyone. I'm constantly under scruitany by the public and in the work place my senior members/ bosses. I feel I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. 90% of my time is spent doing paperwork most of which I have no idea how to process due to lack of training and very little time is  spent actually catching criminals. In fact most of my crime fighting is spent dealing with disputing ex partners who breach protection orders and other pissy things. Any criminal I actually get to court (to pay for their offences) gets off scott fee because of our weak judicial system. I'm constantly stressed and feel useless. I keep telling myself it will get easier and I will eventually see the benifits of my (work) but I have no idea how long I can see this out.  The biggest problem is if I quit I feel like I'm letting everyone down who was proud of me for getting this far. They have no idea what it's really like. Should I give it another year? Or just go back to washing dishes?

Gillette Gillette
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 25, 2010

I hate it too . Im a corrections officer . Similar problems except we don't deal with the public . I only took this job because i didn't wanna work at wal-mart . Now everytime i mention quitting my family gets on my butt about how i need to stay with it . I hate law enforcement and i've seen way too much corruption . I've never worked anywhere else so i don't know whats out there . I do however know that other jobs don't have ******* inmates , i can tell the public to screw themselves . If i tell inmates that , i can lose my job . Lame *** justice system .