I'm 27,mother of 4,2 from previous relationship 2 from current. I hate having a 2 yr old n a 1 month old!!! I can't take it! I'm responsible for the infant alone because he won't touch her cuz she's a girl and needs her mother(his words)and not so much him. Im on maternity leave so I'm home all day with the babies alone, 10 and 7 yr olds go to school and spend most of their time at grandmas because everyone hates my husband(no viable reason)and grandma and uncle both talk about him to my kids,it's complicated. I love all my kids more than anything but I absolutely hate kids...makes sense , right? I am so bitchy and mean to my husband for either no reason or the stupidest lil thing I can think of , I cry over everything and nothing, I don't go anywhere or talk to anyone other than my mom and brother at their home. I barely talk to him. I'm always tired but always up with the babies alone because he works very early and I try to let him sleep but its kinda hard to clean house n pack him a breakfast and lunch with the babies up til around 2, I know that's horrible,I could go on and on and in about my ****** life but to sum it all up, wish i would just die
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It seems to me that so many problems have dawned on you that you are having a nervous breakdown.The lack of help by your husband is a big problem and probably the bigger source of your anxiety right now.Have you tried talking to him, explaining that you need him because you can't do this on your own? Have you considered to hire a nanny?Or maybe talk to your other children and give them active and responsible roles. That will also help them bond with the new babies. :) Relax, take a deep breath and start all over again! Talk to the people around you, ask for support. If your husband doesn't give it to you, your kids certainly will. As long as you don't impose a role on them, but you talk nicely and explain that you are on your own and that you need help, and that you trust them enough to give them a responsible adult role.Hope I've helped a bit. I hope you find your way out of your problems! It's absolutely normal for a woman to go through the phase you are going through if she has no help from her family!

And a question by me. Do you get enough sleep?

Sometimes, being at home almost all the time can be tiring and you become nasty to others near you. Just remember though, in the eyes of your children, you are their mother and they love you very much.

Have you considered joining some support groups? I read there are groups that allows moms to get together and say, exercise together with their children. Anything that would break the humdrum of the daily activities would be good.