I Just Dont Know How To Deal With Them

They are just entering teen age and they are so hard to know what to do with them
I hate it because they want to be with their mom so much
I know I have tried my best to pursade them shes bad but they know better and love her so much
I have done wrong by their mom and I take it out on our children, they are good kids but now they are so sassy and hateful
I just want to know how to be a better person, be a better man
I want to know what to do to make it up to her and maybe the kids would shape up.I have taught them wrong
And now Im living in it. They say karma is a ***** and it is
Someone please tell me how to do right and turn my kids life back around the way they used to be, so sweet and gentle like their mother
jamesbradywalton407825092 jamesbradywalton407825092
56-60, M
May 15, 2012