How Did I Get A Son Like This?

My youngest child(boy) makes our lives absolutely miserable. He's scared of everything. He wakes up screaming regularly because he saw a shadow or some other stupid crap. Then he runs down the hall and tries to get into our room(we lock the door). He's also afraid of random people, the villains in cartoons, everything.

He's allergic to everything you can imagine. We have to buy this ridiculously expensive food that tastes like crap because he's allergic. We had to get rid of the dog AND the cat - the little turd is allergic to everything it seems. When I was a kid I didn't know anyone who was allergic to gluten or latex or peanuts. And we had one autistic kid in the whole school. What is with kids today? Is there something in the water supply?

Our oldest(girl) was never like this. She even comes along when we go hiking or camping and is a joy to be around. But our son can't even go camping with us without crying about missing his shows or whining that he's itchy. He's six and it seems he can't even walk across the house without getting winded, much less walk down a short trail without crying about how his legs hurt.

I used to be on the swim team and still lift weights and swim laps. The wife teaches yoga and women's self defense. How did we create such a weak sickly kid? I can honestly say I wouldn't be sad if he died. I wish I'd had a vasectomy after my oldest was born.
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is this satirical??