Stressed Out Mum With No Heating

hi i am single mum with 4 children and i fucken hate my lanlord i have lived here for 19th mth now i have paid my rent on time everytime with out fail at the start things were ok but since last xmas 2009 i have had no heating and he refuses to fix it it all came to a head about two week ago after i witheld most of my rent not all of it tho i have sent him a staement showing that the money is sat in the bank waiting for him and soon as my heating is fixed i have no problems paying him what is owed to him he told last firday he would have it fixed two days ago but yet im still sat here now frezzing he has now contacted a soiltor to start evition process claiming i have not paid my rent on time for mth which is a lie and  can prove according to him i have wreaked the house and his words to a neighbour a few days ago were "its minging" i am in the middle of recordating but i do have 4 children and i wrk so it take time apparly he is heartbroken because he doesnt like what i have done to the house he doesnt like my choice of wallpaper but at the end of the day ok its his house but it is supposed to be my home just because we have different taste doesnt mean that i am wrong i am a very house prond person ani am not sitting here saying that my house is the tidyiest and it does need recordating but it is clean and i do look after it and paid for it out off my own pocket i dont know what the problem is i jave just found out that he has had a lot of tenants move in and out and im sitting her wondering does he ever ask himself why its not much to ask for to have a nice warm house im paying just short of £600 a mth i am on the verge of just giving up and just moving but part of me tells me no why should i,i also think that my landlord just expected me to roll over and pay him his rent i dont think he expected me to fight bk but my children are settled her they love it its a reat location for both school and my wrks i also am waiting for him to fix other things in my house the tap in the bathroom my alarmbits in the kitchen etc not once have i this is the only thing i have asked and pushed for god it fells gud to get it off my chest hope i can get it sorted soon aswell as everyone else who uses this site thanks everyone for reading
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Aug 3, 2010