Tv Or Not Tv...that Is The Question

I moved into my apartment three months ago.

The TV Aerial in the wall doesn't work and the apartment block is like a vortex and can't get a set-top transmission signal.

I'd tried everything, bought and tried three different TVs, loads of different set-top aerials and even a nice technician from the store where I bought them came round to try and see what the problem is. The problem is the flat. NO CHANNELS, not one

The landlord and building owners both said it wasn't their problem, then I got my dad on the phone to them and they said they'd sort it out. Ive been waiting more than two months.....and still waiting.

They both keep lying and saying they'll get it sorted. They don't. I work in the media and I need a TV. This apartment is not in the countryside or the middle of nowhere, it's in a major city!

A TV these days is a normal thing to have, not a luxury

And do you know what they need to do to fix it? .....walk one flight of stairs up from my apartment, unlock the coaxial box and plug in my aerial. That is all they have to do!! Plug it in!! It's wired up, my dad is an electrician and he says thats all they need to do. So why won't they do it?

So, I would do it myself right now - but they have the key. They....have....the.....key. And in two months they can't be bothered to unlock the box so that I can have a normal life again and watch a bit of tv. Morons!

So annoyed but feel a bit better now for getting it off my chest

Still no TV though : (

ggway ggway
Nov 29, 2010