Our landlord already knows not to come to the house if my husband isn't here. I'm likely to end up arrested for assault.
There are several reasons why I can't stand the man. Okay. But he DOES take care of his properties, etc.
The biggest reason at the moment why I'm having issues with him; he wanted me to get rid of my dog.

 He doesn't allow any type of bulldog on his properties - unpredictable breed, he says. Let me clue you in. Our dog was an English Bulldog. She couldn't walk up the steps to the house, let alone, attack someone.  No - if one of the neighbor's kids decides to put there hand into the fenced yard and she bites, it'd be a problem.  I agree. BUT being in South Texas... it's too hot outside for her to be outside. AND she's too valuable a breed to be outside alone. '*****' doesn't want to hear of it.  No bulldogs. Period.   (even though we'd lived here over 2 years, and she's been here with us the entire time)   We ended up adopting Lulu out.  

Lo and behold.  Three weeks later, a new family moves in a few doors down (he owns our entire neighborhood)  with a pit bull.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not against pit bulls at all. I love them.   I do tend to think, though, that their pit would be more apt to attack than our chubby rollin' English bullie.  (Only said because the poor thing is starved for interaction - it's left out in the yard at the back of the house 24/7). 

What I want to do: bring it to the landlord's attention.. or...?

My husband doesn't want me to do anything.  Seeing as how we're not on a lease, and are living here month to month.. the old fart could kick us out at any time for any reason... according to my husband.

Damn landlord runs our lives.
lilcrozzyjc lilcrozzyjc
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2007