He Is So Creepy!

I was passing by the cluster of mailboxes yesterday when I witnessed my landlord digging in everyone's mailboxes. I even saw him dig in mine. I don't know if he actually opened anyone's mail. Is he allowed to dig in his tenants mailboxes? And why was he doing it? He had this strange look on his face. And he was looking around like he was trying to act inconspicuous. I'm beginning to think this guy has a serious mental illness. He really creeps me out. I caught him lurking outside my bedroom window before the sun came up one morning too. He's starting to really scare me. I only talk to him when I absolutely have to, most of the time I try to stay as far away from him as I can.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

No it isnt legal for ANYONE to check a mailobox that isnt theirs. Second, always go with your first instinct, continue to steer clear from him. Third, for safety reasons, I's go as fast as I could and grab up a camera to place somewhere unnoticed to capture any activities on his part so you are protected legally and fourth, if allowed I'd get a huge, mean dog if not allowed, mace, gun or another form of protection. Talk to the neighbors also if you can and ask them if they see anything out of norm. and to keep eye out for you. Set up some form of warning to alert them to call police if need be...like "if you see my porch light off that means I need help NOW! Good Luck!