Its Almost Over

So I'm new here but I can catch you up pretty quick.  I moved in last May (2008), before I signed my lease I went through the apartment with my landlord.  I found a couple things that I wanted fixed before I moved in (pretty small things).  There was a tile in the kitchen that had a big chunk missing from it, the stove did not have the burners on top, blinds needed replaced (looked like a dog used them as a chew toy) and the sink and tub in the bathroom were really backed up. So, we agreed that those couple of things would be fixed before I moved in.  Well two weeks latter when I started to move my stuff in, none of it was fixed.  I contact my landlords 3 times that week to see when they would be able to come up and fix everything.  I never got a res ponce back.  I really kind of let it go, and just tried to get over it.  Well about 3 months latter I was going to the bathroom and part of my celling in the bathroom came down on top of me, followed by a steady stream of water.  I immediately called my landlords.  I explained the problem and they said they would be up to my apartment that day to take a look and fix the problem.  I had to go to work, but when I returned at 5:00, nothing had been done. I tried to get ahold of my landlord, but couldn't get any one. So bright and early the next day I called.  Needless to say I was more than a little angry and I asked why no one had been to my apartment.  They pro ceded to tell me that the maintenance men did not work on Mondays and that they would be up there around 2:00.  They came that day but didn't fix anything.  The next day they came and shut my water off, then the jerks left without turning it back on and I was left without water for a day.  They kind of half assed fixed it, but two months latter the celling came down again.  This time I was really angry.  I called and threatened with a lawyer and boy did they move that time.  Well it took a while to get the problem fixed but they never finished the job, they never came back to paint and there are big patches of drywall all over my bathroom. Not to mention that the front door is completely coming apart (the wood is rotten).  Anyway, last week I sent my landlords a certified letter letting them know that I would not be renewing my lease (big suprise), and as soon as I could I would contact them to set up an appointment so my landlord could do a walk through with me so I could get my two deposits back (I had a pet deposit as well).  I just got a phone call from my ***** of a landlord saying that she felt my letter was threatening but it wasn't anything she didn't expect from me.  Really, this is only the second damn time I have talked to you, the first was when I signed my lease and now.  Oh, I better get all my money back!  I cant stand that women.  

Wow, that feels good to get off my chest!  Its almost time to leave!!!!!

cannotwait cannotwait
1 Response Mar 27, 2009

Another uneducated property owner. Chalk this one up to a learning experience and get out.