I Had Enough.. So I Told Her Where To Shove It

Ive been living at my building for about 5 yrs, recently this one manager/landlord has been just on my case about everyhting. She is the type of person who hates their job and hates talking to people. You can ask her anything and she gives you the rudest replies and treats you like dirt and a "no-body". Anyways this building is absolutly terrible, every week there is a new notice up giving a reason why they need to enter your appartment of why something is broken or why there wont be water on a certain day.Of course I try to avoid dealing with the office but its impossible with this place.

My rent is directly taken out of my account every month for the past 5 yrs. This month they apparently sent everyone a notice saying we had to pay by check cause of another mix up or error with the bank.(i received no such notice because they apparentky just folded it up between my doorhandle and frame, not a solid way to communicate with people) So a couple days went by and I received a call explaining to me that i needed to bring a check in... "no problem"- i said! I check the mail that day later when i get home and I get an eviction notice because i didnt pay my rent! unbeleivable, you think that a nice unofficial phone call is enough... ive never caused these people any problems and even bit my tongue everytime that She devil landlord has been rude with me.

So naturally i read through the eviction notice and there it was... her name on it! thats when i freaked out and decided no longer will i be bitting my tongue im gonna go down to the office and give them sh*t.. After storming into the office and laying down some of my comments I told her She could take this Notice and my Check and shove it up her F***ing C**t. Well i got a couple dropped faces but wow it felt good. now at least i gave them a real reason to give me another notice.

anyways thats my story.

At8once At8once
22-25, M
Dec 11, 2009