Madrid, Living With My Landlady, The Maker Of Soups, The Player Of Piano.

So I havent been swindled or anything majorly bad like that - this is all about mutual respect when living with your landlady. And boy does she have our respect (in practice!) - we adapt to her needs and in return she ***** on us. My landlady is a complete snob. She tells our other flat-mate that he doesnt live a serious enough life (hes a 19 yr old student). Furthermore, while he makes a racket at night because he is nocturnal, she claims to be all holier than thou and respectful of other people, but she knows i like to go to bed at 11.30 during the week, but insists on playing her huge piano til 1am. It is such a bad idea to live with a landlady or landlord - you have no air. I recently had a very aggressive attack of the norovirus which placed me in hospital. Before I was taken, and after seeing me collapse, and give myself several facial and head injuries she told me that I was just a bit under the weather, and that I need to try her weird herbal remedy - because thats what she takes whenever she has any kind of mild pain. Thankfully I was zoning in and out of consciousness, otherwise I would have given her more than a mild pain to worry about. Her stuff is all over the flat. She has claimed the majority of the flat as hers and it is cordened off by big curtains. The rest of the flat is communal, except for the bedrooms of course. But she still uses our living room as a walk-in-wardrobe slash junk room. All her crap is in there and she knows its wrong and irritating because noone can use it because 4 months ago she promised to move it - before christmas. When I cam back from christmas holidays - nothing had changed. She has a huge area in which to keep all her stuff - its so exasperating how little we can do to get her to treat us with some respect - we feel like we cant argue with her or raise any issues to pressure her or remind her into doing things because she will respond with hysterics - I overheard her last argument with my flat-mate - it was not pretty. Im prettty miserable here - I feel like Im being subjected to sleep-deprivation torture - she knows about my sleeping pattern (which is a bit early, but only holds for weeknights because of my working hours). It actually makes me very run down to consistently get too little sleep - and in the aftermath of this virus, im still convalescing, i really need as much as i can get. So distressed right now. She is an absolute *****. To make matters worse, she doesnt even own the flat - she sublets it to us, and my flatmate found out somehow (dont know how - we all generally speak different languages and im living abroad) that our combined rent that we pay to her covers the entire rent for the flat. I know that its her contract, her name, her long-term responsibility, but she is a real ***** for treating us the way she does. im so upset about it. Looking for somewhere new, but it aint easy when youve got a job to hold down and youre knackered everyday. FML.

fishyslap fishyslap
22-25, F
Feb 9, 2010