Not The Worst, But Far From The Best.

I have been on earth for 20 years, i have already

-been bullied until my personality changed completely
-toyed with the thought of suicide
-had several injuries taking more than a month to heal
-learned a foreign language to the point where i could hold conversations, and forgot it again
-have what i must now grudgingly admit is depression, since there is no other explanation left
-attended my best friends funeral
-been in a long term relationship that ended badly
-had my heart broken
-lost a month of my memory (never really got more than a few snippets of that month back)
-had kidney stones (VERY painful)
-been stabbed (neither instance was very deep at all so its ok, and it was only with a pencil and later a sharp piece of metal)
-ruined a degree before it is even over
-received death threats i believed
-been poisoned
-drank myself under the table because i was sad
-ended up on the bonnet of a car (the "hood" for you Americans) more than once
-tried and failed to talk someone out of a suicide attempt

Im not saying this is the worst life out there, not by a long shot, im just saying that surely this list should be shorter at 20 years old (especially considering the good version is no where near as long)
djpanda djpanda
18-21, M
Dec 18, 2010