Life Is Not What It Is Cracked Up to Be

Did you ever have one of those days that everything goes wrong? I have many days like that. My recent find is that some one don't know who has been taken money out of my checking account. I measn 248.00, 120,00 . Enough to take out money from some one who is rich but to take money out from an old lady that sucks.! And then that same day, I dropped a bowl of sugar all over the counter, dropped a glass filled with ice and water all over the coffee table. Never made to the bathroom on time, so you know what that means. My life sucks. Most of my days are like this. I trip over rugs on the floor, get a shock from the garbage disposal, Can't get the window open, so I not only broke a nail, I hurt my shoulder. As if I need any more pain. Why can't I have one good day where nothing would go wrong. I go for a walk and trip over the curb, only to go flying like a witch on a broom and my chihuahua turns around and just  stares at me like I am mentally handicapped and hit the ground with my right side of my body only to see that I cut my eolbow, skimmed my knees, bruised the right side. And my life doesn't suck? Ha! Am I having a bad day? Ya think? All my days are incapable of repeating themselves, as every day is a new adventure.. Until tomorrw

by Selky56

selky56 selky56
56-60, F
Jul 26, 2007