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Merry Christmas! Bah Humbug

For some of us Christmas is a time of feeling alone and depressed.  I have always loved Christmas but this year did it for me.  I think I am done.   We opened presents at my house tonight and I sat and watched as my kids, grandkids and hubby opened at least 10 to 15 presents each.  I had a whole three presents under the tree.  One was a gift that all of my children pitched in together for me.  The other two were pieces of jewlery that I bought for myselff and he insisted I wrap and put under the tree.  It is sad when I am not appreciated anyore then that.  I guess I should quit whining about my sad life.  I will but before I do, I have to say that Christmas will be different  one way or another.  I do so much for him throughout the year and this is the reward I get.  I think I am done.  No more self pity and no more sympathic soul.  I can't play this game anymore.  Time for rule changes.   
teri58 teri58 51-55, F 9 Responses Dec 25, 2011

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Thanks for the idea roxtaylor. I might have to consider that this year.

There are givers and takers, I believe you know which side of the fence you are on, more importantly which side of the fence he is on. He will keep taking. You have every right to change how everything is done. My friend told me this year that she doesn't buy presents anymore for her kids or grandkids. She takes them on a trip somewhere within driving distance for a few days and they do all sorts of Christmas stuff. She ditched her narcissistic hubby a long time ago.

I actually had to stop reading, as it hit a nerve with me, I feel the same, I will come back and comment when I am able<br />
thank you for sharing

I am so sorry my story upset you. Guess you must understand what I am going through. I wish you the best and send you ***Hugs***.

I guess that I'm not the only who had a disappointing Christmas. I love the family thing, but when you're made to feel that you don't belong it is really disheartening.

Yes it is. Just makes you feel that you are there for everyone to use to there advantage. Thanks for sharing with me!

I don't see myself as much of a lifeline, but I feel your pain, especially this time of year. When the time comes when you make your exit, you'll only hear kudos from me. All the best. :)

That is all I am going to need to hear. Thank you!

I agree.

Good morning m00nmeister! I knew I could count on your support. When I get really down, you pop in to help brighten my day. Thanks soo much for ebeing a life line for me. I hope you will be arounfd to support me when I get things moving because I am sure I will need support. Even if it is nothing more then someone to listen to me vent or a shoulder to lean on or cry on. Thanks soo much my friend!

Can understand why you feel so bad, so sending you some warm gestures.

Hypericum, thanks so much. I guess I have finally been pushed over the top and I have to figure my life out so I can start being happy too. Everyone around me is happy and can't see how unhappy I am. It is sad when you do so much and are never appreciated. Thank you soo much for the support!

Oh Terri, I am so glad to hear you say that. You've been flogging a dead horse, and it's never getting up again. I think you have just seen the light. No expectations of him...this is real progress, as painful as it may be for you. Keep thinking this way, Terri, and you will free yourself from that prison you're in.

Thanks Carissimi, I guess I have finally been pushed far enough. It is time to start figuring out what the first step is going to be. I believe a visit to a lawyer might be in order. Get some legal advice before I make any moves. Then ASAP, I am out of here.