High School.

Meet me and you'd probably think I'm a snobby "prep" like I'm called and maybe I am but I deal with **** too. I'm failing two classes because of all the zeros I have. I could blame my procrastination or the fact that my teachers are dumb as **** and can't motivate their students including me to do any of the bullshit they assign. Biology, if you've been there, you know how screwed up it is. I can honestly say I haven't learned one thing year except for something I learned yesterday, starfish are carnivores, my teacher didn't even tell me that. What the **** is mitosis, angiosperms, etc? I'm pretty sure I failed the EOC. I'm getting ready to fail an AP History exam that could save me money for college. I have a B when I could have an A in a regular class. Why am I torturing myself in here? None of my teaches care, I swear. We do tons of work in that hour and a half every other day and then they send us home with three other assignments that they haven't even went over with. Also, it's nice to have computers and stuff, I'm not complaining but kids shouldn't be getting zeros for not having an assignment typed because they don't have access to a printer and not enough time to print in the library. School is out pretty soon and I don't know whether it's time to give up and start fresh next year or go into overdrive and try to maintain my 3.8. I hate life right now, I know dropping my GPA won't stop me into getting the school I want, but it takes me out of some scholarships that I could really use. Onto friends, **** them, each and every one. They'll all stab you in the back, but whatever, you'll do the same thing. I give up on trying to maintain a best friend. What is a best friend? Someone who you keep crawling back even after they've screwed you over multiple times? Sounds more like a frenemie. I just want to sleep forever and get through high school. Maybe instead of being negative I could try and find real friends, but this is more satisfying.
janewsmith janewsmith
May 9, 2012