What A Life

Today i almost lost my head,i feel my life is over,the question i keep asking myself is why did my mother died and left us in this terrible life..Three month ago i had a fight with my sister over stupid issues and i refuse to open any of the letter she sent me because i was angry and because am facing a tough time myself,its been so hard for sometime now didn't pick calls or call anybody,but today when my sister call i manage to pick her call but when i do she never stop crying saying i hate this world,when i manage to calm her down she says. 'sister have been trying to call for days now but you didn't pick my call  i wanted to tell you that am homeless and Esther is among the bomb blast victim but she died this morning' i just drop the phone and screem.i don't know what to do am confuse,I never to talk to anyone since then but writing make me feel a little bit better,but i don't know what to think that call keeps coming to my head every minute.
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22-25, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

Yes, when all sadness comes all of a sudden we will feel this way. But, you are born to live and you will be stronger. Fight back and you will do wonders.