A Terrible Mistake Now My Life's In Shambles

My story starts ok I guess was born and raised with both my parents mostly my loving mother dad worked over seas most my childhood all went well was a normal kid few close friends shy with women drank and did drugs as a teen sobered up at nineteen got a good paying job supported my self lived life met who I thought was the love of my life at twenty started dating moved in with one another did great I lost my job at the same time found out we were having a baby I looked for work and was picked up for a little while but was layed off she left we were still making it but she left none the less I was upset to say the lest I started to party and live wrecklessly after four months we got back together I was working and doing well for us we had our daughter and got married I changed jobs to make more money for the familie called for me working tons of hrs and was hardly home so I spent little time at home and did not help much with our daughter on September 10 2011 I came home from work ate supper with my fam drank a few beers about ten thirty that night my daughter started to fuss so I asked my wife to put her down she started fighting with me and ended up grabing my daughter by one arm off the couch to violently in my opinion so I began to yell at her she decided to leave and so did I I went to the store and bought more beer was drinking on some back roads needed some one to talk to well I found some one an ex girl friend of mine and she talked to me about the problems I was having at home and nothing more I left her house very intoxicated and wrecked on the way home on September 11 2011 I was not wearing a seat belt was ejected from the truck broke my back puncherd my colon split my head open and suffed a huge wound on my back I spent the next 148 days in three hospitals I wanted to die for the first two weeks my wife did come and stay with me a good bit her family even let her stay in a house close by the hoapital rent free for four months but while I was in the hospital she had sevral affairs blew through all of our money but I did not know any of this till after I was out of the hospital a week after I was let out of the hospital she droped me off at my parents house and was supposed to return the next day she never did she filed for divorce all of this happend three days after we got a check from the IRS she took the money and dumped me in one of the most horrible ways I could image I still hadn't recoverd fully from the wreck when she did this I was not able to work and still haven worked since the wreck but should be returning in the next two weeks I know I'm lucky to be alive through all that happen to me my bodiy grows stronger by the day but my mined grows weaker and darker it seems but I'm trying to look forward and stay posative I know I'll prolly get hate full comments but If this post helps some one in a tough spot than that's enough for me

I am 24 I have a daughter I love I may not be the best father in the world but I love her and will do any thing for her I have my share of problems I'm a workahaulic when I'm working and few others but know this life is hard the things that happen to some ppl are terrible but live life love the ones that deserve your love never give up on your self I hope this may help some one as for me I'm gonna be all right
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I don't hate you. You are a human who reacted to a situation. We have a few things in common. I drank and drove and my cigarette caught my clothes on fire. I will live with scars forever. You are still young and have so much in front of you. Once we forgive ourselves everything will be easier. <br />
Good luck and remember you are not alone.