Unfortunately I Do Hate My ...

Unfortunately I do hate my life right now. I am thankful for all the wonderful people in it, but sometimes I just can't help but scream and cry.

I hate being sick and tired. I hate not being able to go out with my friends, or grow a garden. I hate having a dirty cluttered house. I could go on and on but it won't change the fact that I hate my life right now.

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5 Responses Jun 18, 2008

atleast you can cry n ****. when you come from a family that ppl will look at you and point fingers its no fun. u always have to be up to standards and expectations that causes a little stress. and sometimes just being the tough member of the family is hard too, you cant really show well not show but have someone to trust around you everyones looking for a way in into ur pocket not life. just ******* be greatful and happy for what you have and dont .. <br />
<br />
hope you the best.

I know how u feel I don't even a house I lve with my parents going to school by day lowlife by night playingvideo games my parents divorced after 35 years I'm 19 I don't own a car haven't gotten my drivers license I hate half the ppl I live with most of my best friends either left to a far away school after high school I got beat up and robbed a week ago and I haven't been in a relationship in 3 years that's y sometimes when I'm my room I turn up the tv and just cry and cover my face with a pillow and scream can wai till I finish school so I can just leave and leve everything behind I hate life dude I'm crying and writin this and I can't stand it anymore

Thanks BattleAngel. It always amazes me how much power a few kind words have. It is part of the reason I keep coming back to this place.

Marji, thanks for letting me know I am not alone in this.<br />
EPGrace, that is part of the problem. There is not much I enjoy these days. I am either too tired or depressed. Keep trying different meds, but nothing successful so far. After ten years, you would thing I would either be used to it or have found a medication that worked. (Sigh to myself)

Is there anything you do enjoy doing indoors, that you wouldn't need to be outside for? It's tough being under house arrest though, for any reason. =(