I Hate My Life Right Now

, i wanna leave everything behind me and go away , i just hate everything aroud me it's like my life is getting boore , i wanna go somewhere and live in my way , meet new people and have new friends , somewhere where i can do what ever i want without being afraid , i really like to be free , to see life from a different side , i wanna be a new person who believe in himself and have a lot of confidence of what he do without caring about what people think about him ,a person who love himself no matter how he is ......i'd like to enjoy every single moment in my life try live it like i'm not living twice ... yes i wanna run away and leave old pictures in the past , looking for a new day , a new tomorrow , searching for happiness ....

sofiasofie sofiasofie
3 Responses Aug 7, 2012

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its okay

Come to me friend,You can fly from your place.Yes,This is your time ,Now its your turn.YOu can change your life again.No matter whatever we have done in the past or whatever we regret for anything.Please dont say lines that you hate life lets begin with new sunshine .Smile forever:)

thank you that's really kind

YOu are welcome