What A Life

I often look back at a child, so vulnerable, innocent struggling a battle of obesity. it took his time,effort ,insecurity, selfesteem. i hold resentment towards my parents for being careless i know it is not healthy. i just feel it was unecessary for me to struggle on physical appearance my whole life. well ive balanced my weight. enrolled in college at 24 with faith i will get into a nursing program and im struggling in mathamatics.
Lovejones18 Lovejones18
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Good for you! As psychology and common sense suggest, it is an established fact that, when we overcome something traumatizing and degrading, we come out of it stronger. I can tell just from reading this you are a strong, able, and even kind person to take control of your life and share it with others. I hope as you go on in life, you find inspiration in yourself in whatever pursuit. Be as forward thinking as you were in losing weight enrolling in college--which takes a lot of courage and determination!-- in confronting problems, be it family, relationships, or some stupid numbers. Best of luck