Please Kill Me!!!!

for years and i am wondering why that happens to me? why i can't live normal just like any other person? why i can't be happy?
now i realized all that happening cuz of me, i am shy that's why i am very lonely, i can't say no to any one that's why poeple use me, i am too nice and selfless that's i havn't achieved any thing in my life.
i am the only reason that i am not happy.
i am just sick of it, i don't want to live i mean what's the point? I have no friends, i have no hobbies my life is so boring and empty i am sick of it.
comlpicatedguy comlpicatedguy
18-21, M
4 Responses Sep 19, 2012

I think I love you, and we should really be friends 0-0

Well i hope you will find a true friend to encourage you at times of trouble. I hope i can be at least one of them. Cx

that was a long time ago but stil got some issues.

I have no friends too... The last paragraphs exactly describes me...

I hate to tell you this, but people do care. Even if they don't show it. And for whatever jaded reason you want to come up with (mine is that human nature works to help others to enhance themselves :) ) people do care.
I myself have a slew of issues that are causing my life to fall apart and its come to the point where people can no longer avoid it and I'm basically getting kicked in the *** right now. And frankly, that's the only way things will get better, because I sure as hell don't care...
Just saying, there is always someone to talk to, even if their reasons are selfish, it helps.