I Am Depressed And Unhappy With My Life.

I miss when I was a kid, and didn't care about what people thought of me. I miss when being fat or skinny, pretty or ugly, popular or nerdy wasn't the problem. The society is the main reason for my depression, or maybe even my insecurity and how low I think of myself. I hate my figure, I still can't stand looking at my own fat in the mirror. I hate the way some people treat you. Or the mix signals some people give you one minute making you think they care and the next treating you like ****. I hate having to miss out on things because I am insecure about my weight. I hate having to be embarrassed about going to places because I'm afraid of what people can think of me. I hate having to care about what other people think. This doesn't sound as depressing as it is, but I don't know what to do anymore. And you know what the sad thing is? I'm only 14 years old.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

I'm 19 and I know exactly what you feel. It sucks so much. I wish I could give you some great advice to make things better but I still haven't found out what that is. Don't give up though, It's really hard but you'll make it through.