Trouble In Love

My life sucks bad right now because I'm failing 4 classes, i have to go to summer school, and I'm in love with two very great guys. One still talks to me but not much anymore. The other is my Teddybear. He calls me every night just to hear my voice and with his accent, i go nuts. Some of my friends won't listen to me when i tell them about my life. Even though my friend has it way worse (and i can't help her) i feel helpless. I don't know what i can do anymore. Can someone please help me.
Mandyrox08 Mandyrox08
18-21, F
2 Responses May 14, 2007

All I have to say is, internet.<br />
The internet is a free shrink that doesn't judge or just plain blame it on your parents. AND it listens!<br />
Good luck with the guys, a couple years ago I didn't date, period. Now I have a great boyfriend simply from going to a costume dance ^^<br />
good luck and god bless.

It seems like you really have strong feelings for Teddy Bear Guy... don't let your feelings for the other guy get in your way. You don't have him, but you could have Teddy Bear. I would go for it, but that's just me.