What Do I Do?

I broke up with my boyfriend of six months about two weeks ago.. I had to do it because I am leaving for college in about a month, and I knew that I had to get over him before then.  But I can't stop thinking about him!  I miss him so much, and talking to him doesn't help me get over it, it just makes me want him more!  He's already started dating again, but I just can't move on.  The fact that he has started to move on has crushed me.  What can I do to make this better???
defitablue defitablue
18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2007

Well, luckily it always gets easier in time even if you feel like it can't possibly get easier. trust me, just surround yourself with the people you meet, your school, everything that is important to you in your life and try to keep busy. Try not to leave yourself to much time to think about it and eventually it will just happen on its own. You wont even realize you hadnt thought about it in a while and you'll meet this guy (;<br />
And sweetie, if he moved on that fast then you really are better off forgetting about him. You can't possibly feel like it wouldnt happen again even if you got him back : Men dont work that way.