I Wish I Could Say This To You. ( Please Don't Read If Easily Offended)

I wish that I could make you see what is going through my mind. You have managed to make my life at school a living hell. Thanks to you the only time anyone says a word to me is to ridicule me. Most of the things that you say are complete lies and trust me Hunny I don't want anything you've got. Your a ****. You may get any **** you want but you know what I have a real man who treats me right and loves me, so I don't want anyone else. I may not have any close friends right now but I'm beginning to make some good friends that haven't heard your bull **** and won't because they don't even know your name let alone who you are. Maybe in highschool you seem to be a big shot but in the real world your nothing. I don't fit in in highschool but outside of high school I have a completely different life. I have a boyfriend who I've been with for over two years, a job, a car and plan on going to college and guess what I'm only a year older than you and have a plan for my life. What do you have? No money, no job, no car, no real boyfriend, and not really anyone who will be able to say they truly love or respect you. I have everything you don't that actually matters in the real world. I also have better grades in school and a better body and a prettier face than you. The only thing you have that I don't? I don't want it. That would be a group of followers not friends. (Including all the guys your *******)
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Jan 17, 2013