I Give Up

I try my best, I really do
But I always end up turning it into a big mess.
I dont care anymore.
I wont care anymore.
So What if I have no friends?!?
So What if I dont have anyone to talk to?!?
So What if I am being backstabbed?!?
I dont freaking care!!!
Who are they to pick or choose who I can be and what I can be.
Its my life and no one else's.
I will never cry for them anymore.
I dont care if I will look lonely infront of others.
I WILL stop caring, and I will NOT regret my decision.
I have tried my best to fuc*ing change,
but Its not working out!!!
I quit!!!
not even my family will fuc*ing bring me back.
not even my boyfriend will fuc*ing bring me back.
If my family abandons me, FINE
If my boyfriend leaves me, FINE
I will never bend down to their likes.
A few more months,
and I will never need to see them anymore.
I will never ******* care.
cause I ******* quit this life.
If I die tomorrow so be it.
I dont care.
ScaredFlower ScaredFlower
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I feel the same way:( I don't care about my life anymore and wish to leave this world... You'll be my friend and you can talk to me if you want to.