Hate My Life/sucks!

HATE my life/sucks. My mother just died and it's my birthday. My mother was mean, didn't like me, always hit me and everything, everything, everything was my fault. Could never do right, never, never. Been there done that: abusive relationships, dumb investments, lost money, lost money to dumb doctors for services not completed/rendered, screwed over by a mechanic for thouands and thousands of dollars/car still doesn't run, wasted money on dumb *** people who don't speak/comphrend/read/write north american english, stupid job changes, disability, etc. I suffer from chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrom and more disabeling injuries. Can't wait to die: no more meds, doctors, non existent family, and no more pain. When I do die I will be able to finally get some damn sleep! Life SUCKS then you die! At least there's one positive thing in life...death.
alwaysandforever09 alwaysandforever09
41-45, F
Jan 21, 2013